Jamaican Chicken Soup Recipe
A Traditional Saturday Favourite

This Jamaican Chicken Soup Recipe is quick and easy to follow. The end result too is finger-licking good. It's a tradition for MOST  Jamaican families to whip up this one-pot meal on a Saturday for every one to enjoy.

Now that you are apart of the Jamaica-Land-We-Love family, you can go ahead and give this recipe a try and be sure to comment on the outcome of your efforts.

Remember, every recipe can be alterred to suit your desired preference! So feel free to play around the ingredients AFTER you have tried it as is first :-)

Jamaican Chicken Soup Recipe

Jamaican Chicken Foot Soup


½ Chicken (cut in 8 pieces)

2 sprig Thyme

1 tbsp Salt

1 stalk escallion

4 Pimento Berries (Allspice)

½ lb Yellow Yam

2 Irish Potatoes

2 lb. Pumpkin (cut up into 1 inch pieces)

1 Cho-cho (Christophine) (cut up into 1 inch pieces)

1 pk Jamaican Chicken Noodle or Cock Soup

1 oz. Butter


1. In a stock pot, add three quarts of water and then add salt to taste. Bring water to a boil then add chicken, pumpkin, and cho-cho together. Boil for 30 minutes.

2. Peel the skins off the yellow yam and potatoes and wash these root vegetables in cold water to remove the dirt.

3. Cut each vegetable into four slices and then add them to the pot.

Special tip: - You man add spinners (small dumplings) to the soup at this time if you wish.

4. The flame should be turned to high at this point and allow to boil for 15 minutes.

5. Add the remaining ingredients to the pot, turn the flame down to medium, and cook for another 10 minutes, then simmer for another 5 minutes.

6. Check the yellow yam to ensure that it is soft. If not, cook until it becomes soft but not mushy.

Cook's tip: You can speed up the time to prepare this chicken soup by slicing the yellow yam into thinner slices.

I am sure that this Jamaican chicken soup recipe will become one of your favourite meals AFTER you have tried it. Now, go ahead and enjoy your great tasting Jamaican Soup!!

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