Welcome To Jamaica - Island In the Sun

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Welcome to Jamaica

Welcome to one of the greatest Caribbean islands there is - JAMAICA!! or JA if you wish!

I would assume you are here on this site because you would love to know more about my little island, right? That's what I thought. That is exactly why I have decided to take the time to create, ""

I will be taking you on a journey through time to ensure that you get as much out of the history and current affairs information as you would need. I will also be available to answer your questions, if the need arise, about anything you wish to learn more about or get clarification on.

Well, enough about that. Let me give you a short outline of what will be included in this site.

Let us listen to this famous festival song by Eric Donaldson - The Land of My Birth. Enjoy!!

Now wasn't that relaxing? Doesn't this song bring back memories? To all those who love Jamaica but are not Jamaican, I am sure you enjoyed it too, right? There will be a lot more music and dancing to come on this site and you will enjoy every minute of it, guaranteed.

Let us continue!!

Below you will find pictures of two of our National Symbols. You will get to know more about them as you navigate the site. Just to give you a bit of information - there are actually six national symbols and they are ALL written about in detail.

A List Of What You Will Be Learning About

Note: the following list is in no particular order!

You will learn a lot about JA and its history through a variety of topics which includes:

You will get a chance to view some of our most beautiful, breathtaking, and mouthwatering photos - even the ones that include me personally!!

Just to show you what I mean, here is a photo of our national dish in all its glory. One taste of this dish and you will be coming back for more!

Ackee and Saltfish with Breadfruit

Ackee and Saltfish with fried Breadfruit

Now that looks delicious!!

So please, take your time and navigate through the site to learn more on the areas that you would LOVE to know more about and do share the info with others who you know have questions about sweet, sweet JA.

On the note of sweet, take a listen to one of our many songs from "Tony Rebel - Sweet Jamdung." It was recorded some time ago, in about 1993. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Those songs were selected to put you in a "feel-good" mood to go forth and learn more about JA.

Remember, if you have any questions or queries please feel free to CONTACT ME and I will get back to you in a reasonable time frame.

ENJOY "!!"

Top of Jamaica Land We Love

Some Pages To Take A Look At!

Some Interesting Facts About Jamaica
Want to learn some interesting facts about Jamaica? Well you have come to the right place. Read and Learn!!
Map of Jamaica by Google
This map of Jamaica is an interactive one that is available via google maps.
Jamaica News and Other Info
Get the latest news and happenings about things Jamaican. News, reviews, local and international.
Jamaica Land We Love Digest - Your Link To Everything Jamaica
Jamaica Land We Love Digest is the newsletter of choice for keeping you in the know with things Jamaica.
Some of What Jamaicans Say - Stories and Other Jamaican Info
Jamaicans say a lot of things all the times, however we hardly hear most of them. Share your stories and other Jamaican knowledge with us.
Getting to Jamaica From Anywhere In The World
Getting to Jamaica is by far easier today than it was some 20 years ago. There are varying frequent flyer aircrafts and cruises to choose from.
Getting Around Jamaica | By Land Air or Sea
Getting around Jamaica is by far easier today than it was some years ago. There are Taxis, Buses, Vehicle rentals, boat and many other ways. Learn more about them today
Jamaican Music - From Mento to Dancehall
Jamaican music has evolved in such a dynamic way that we have to endorse what the legend Bob Marley said...When it hits you, you feel no pain...
Jamaican Dancehall Music - Forever Evolving
Jamaican dancehall music was developed in the 1980's and is the pinnacle of the music industry we are now experiencing with constant changes in sound derived from earlier genres.
Kingston Jamaica, Island Capital
Kingston Jamaica is the Capital of Jamaica. It is located on the Southeastern end of the island and it boasts a population of approximately 96,052 (as of 2001).
St Andrew Jamaica - Jamaica's Most Populated Parish
St Andrew Jamaica was one of the first parishes to be established by Law in 1867. Its population is roughly 573,369 as of 2011.
St Catherine Jamaica - The Second Largest Parish
St Catherine Jamaica is the second largest parish that was formed in 1534 and was named for Queen Catherine of Portugal, wife to Charles II of England.
Saint Ann Jamaica - Jamaica's Largest Parish
Saint Ann Jamaica is the largest parish in Jamaica and was one of the first places Christopher Columbus landed in 1494 while on his second voyage.
Portland - Jamaica's Seventh Largest Parish
Portland is Jamaica's seventh largest parish. It is well known for its beaches and it is located in the county of Surrey.
Hanover - Jamaica's Second Smallest Parish
Hanover is Jamaica's second smallest parish. It is well known for sugar, its yams and other produce. Learn more about this parish now...
Westmoreland Jamaica | Home To Negril Jamaica
Westmoreland Jamaica was created in 1703 and its present capital, Savanna-La-Mar was founded in 1730. Savanna-La-Mar traslate to "the plain by the sea". Negril is located in the parish.
Clarendon Jamaica | Jamaica's Third Largest Parish
Clarendon Jamaica is the island's third largest parish with area of approximately 1,196 square km. It's located in Middlesex county with May Pen as its Capital
Manchester Jamaica - Formed in 1814
Manchester Jamaica is said to be the last parish that was created in Jamaica in 1814 out of parts of the surrounding parishes of St. Elizabeth, Clarendon and Vere at the time.
Trelawny Jamaica, Jamaica's Fifth Largest Parish
Trelawny Jamaica is Jamaica's FIFTH largest parish that measures approximately 874 square km. It was formed from the eastern part of St. James in 1770.
St Elizabeth Jamaica | Second Largest Parish
St Elizabeth Jamaica is one of the largest parishes in Jamaica and was named in honour of Lady Elizabeth Modyford. The Capital of St. Elizabeth is Black River.
St James Jamaica | Fourth Smallest Parish
St James Jamaica was one of the second group of parishes formed in Jamaica and was named by Sir Thomas Modyford in 1665. The capital of St. James is Montego Bay.
St Thomas Jamaica | The Ninth Largest Parish
St Thomas Jamaica was named after Thomas Hickman (Lord Windsor), Governor of Jamaica in 1662. It was originally called St. Thomas-in-the-east. The capital is Morant Bay.
St Mary Jamaica | The Fifth Smallest Parish
St Mary Jamaica is the fifth smallest parish measuring approxomately 610 square km. The Capital of St. Mary is Port Maria. St Mary has three large towns, Port Maria, Oracabessa, and Annoto Bay.
A Few Jamaica Beaches
Jamaica beaches are beautiful, serene and are among the most visited beaches in the world. Here are a few to choose from.
Top Car Dealerships In Jamaica
Car dealerships in Jamaica are now more prevalent than in earlier years. You can find a dealership in every parish that boasts modern models. Check this list.
Public Holidays In Jamaica - 2012, 2013 and 2014
There are approximately 10 public holidays in jamaica. Six of which are secular and four which are christian celebrations. Learn more now!
Jamaican Independence - From August 1962 to Present
Jamaican Independence came about on August 6th, 1962 with the country having it's first Prime Minister named Alexander Bustamante.
The National Anthem of Jamaica
The National Anthem of Jamaica is also known as the National Prayer of Jamaica. Learn about its inception, creation and learn the words here!!
The Jamaican Awards and Honours
The Jamaican awards and honours are granted to outstanding Jamaicans who have earned the titles branded and given by these insignia.
National Heroes of Jamaica
There are seven National Heroes of Jamaica that have fought, toiled and made significant contributions to the development of Jamaica. Learn about each of them here!!
The National Symbols of Jamaica
There are Six(6) national symbols of Jamaica that are explained in detail. Learn about them all here!
Jamaica National Pledge and Song
Jamaica National Pledge and Song were compiled by A.L. Hendricks and Lloyd Hall and they are national symbols that shows our uniqueness as Jamaicans.
Jamaican Prime Ministers - 1962 to Present
The Jamaican Prime Ministers have served collectively for over 50 years. Our first being Noman Manley and our present or current being Portia Simpson-Miller.
Jamaicas Political Parties
Jamaicas political parties, the JLP and the PNP, were founded in the years 1943 and 1938 respectively. A third party was founded in 1995 called the National Democratic Movement.
Banks In Jamaica | Types of Jamaican Banks
There are over sixty (60) Banks In Jamaica. These include commercial banks, merchant banks, building societies and credit unions.
Credit Unions Of Jamaica | A Detailed Perspective
The Credit Unions of Jamaica Movement has grown to over thirty eight (38) Credit Unions islandwide and they are ALL not-for-profit entities that are safe and convenient to do business.
How To Apply for A Jamaican Passport
Applying for a Jamaican Passport is simple and the turn around time from application to passport in hand is reasonable. Learn more here...
Top Hotels In Kingston Jamaica
Hotels in Kingston Jamaica are as luxurious as the hotels on the north coast of the island. Here is a list of some of the greats...
Jamaican Cuisine - Past to Present
Jamaican cuisine was impacted by the many different settlers that came to our little island. From Arawaks, to the Spanish, to the English, etc. Learn more about where it all began here!!
Jamaican Recipes - Easy and Fun to Try!!
Jamaican recipes are easy and fun to try. They are also delicious. Get your cooking on with these delectable recipes, Jamaican style.
Real Jamaican Beverages
Try some of these Jamaican Beverages, they will be refreshing, tasty and unforgettable. Give your taste buds a thrill.
Jamaican Breads and Cakes
Jamaican Breads and Cakes are tasty and easy to make. Follow these easy to make recipes and you will be on your way to having some tasty treats.
Jamaican Porridge Recipes
These Jamaican Porridge Recipes are easy to prepare and you can have them to rotate as part of your breakfast menu so you do not get bored!
Robert Nesta Marley - Popularly Known as Bob Marley
Robert Nesta Marley, internationally known as Bob Marley, or the King of Reggae, was born on February 6, 1945 in Nine Miles St. Ann and died on May 11, 1981.
Louise Bennett Coverley - Miss Lou
Louise Bennett Coverley is popularly known as Miss Lou. She was born September 7, 1919 and Died on July 26, 2006.
Edna Manley - Powerful Jamaican Influence
Edna Manley was born in England in 1900 to a Jamaican mother and an English father. She died on February 2, 1987.
About Me - Creator and Author of Jamaica Land We Love
Want to know more about me, then read on...You may be surprized you already know me personally...
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Get in touch with Ricardo, owner of and leave comments or ask questions as you wish.

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