Jamaica National Pledge and Song

The Jamaica National Pledge and Song are two of the island's symbols of our heritage, strength and individualism.

It seeks to allow ALL Jamaicans the right to call themselves a FREE nation, independent in nature, mind, body and soul.

These National symbolisms are taught from the very first day we set foot in a school system. I remember reciting this pledge and singing this song every day at devotion along with the National Anthem of Jamaica.

We did it more during Independence and Black History Month though. whichever way it went it could not be mistakenly forgotten because of the repetition. I still remember the words and tune of the Jamaica National Pledge and Song respectively to this date.

Below I have written out the words for your perusal as well as included a video that displays the tune and words in action simultaneously. Without further ado...:

The Jamaica National Song

Title: Jamaica Land Of Beauty

Jamaica land of beauty, We promise faithfully
To serve thee with our talents and bring our gifts to thee
Jamaica we will always in honour of thy name
Work steadfastly and wisely and never bring thee Shame
From riverside to mountain from cane-field to the sea
Our hearts salute Jamaica, Triumphant, proud and free,

Together in our country, In love and brotherhood
We’ll work and play in freedom, as all God’s children should.
With hearts and hands united, In thanks for everything
That God has giv’n unto us, together let us sing.
From riverside to mountain from cane-field to the sea
Our hearts salute Jamaica, Triumphant, proud and free.

The words of The Jamaica National Song were written by A. L. Hendricks and the music was composed by Lloyd Hall.

Now here are the words to our National Song For Schools:

Title: I Pledge My Heart

I pledge my heart forever
To serve with humble pride
This shining homeland, ever
So long as earth abide.

I pledge my heart, this island
As God and faith shall live
My work, my strength, my love and
My loyalty to give.

O green isle of the Indies,
Jamaica, strong and free,
Our vows and loyal promises
O heartland, ‘tis to Thee.

The Jamaica National Song for schools is set to the tune of ‘I Vow To Thee My Country’. It was written by the late Hon. Victor Stafford Reid, OJ.

Now for the words of our National Pledge:

Jamaica's National Pledge

Before God and all mankind,
I pledge the love and loyalty of my heart,
the wisdom and courage of my mind,
the strength and vigour of my body,
in the service of my fellow citizens;

I promise to stand up for Justice,
Brotherhood and Peace,
to work diligently and creatively,
to think generously and honestly,
so that Jamaica may, under God,
increase in beauty, fellowship and prosperity,
and play her part in advancing the welfare of the whole human race.

This National Pledge is for use at the beginning and end of each school term, and on other special occasions.

There is also a more summarized version of the Pledge that is also used in schools. The words are as follows:

Shorter Pledge for Schools

Before God and all mankind,
I pledge my love, my loyalty and skills,
in the service of Jamaica and my fellow citizens.
I promise to work diligently and to help build a prosperous and peaceful nation.

I hope that you will get a chance to study these words of the Jamaica National Pledge and Song and make it a part of your patriotism as Jamaicans and/or Jamaican enthusiasts.

Source: Jamaica Information Service (JIS)

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