Jamaica's Second Smallest Parish

Hanover Jamaica

Hanover is considered the second (2nd) smallest parish of Jamaica. 

Do you remember which parish is the smallest? You guessed it, Kingston!!

Now if Kingston is only 25 square kilometres in size, can you try and guess the size of Hanover...?

Let me assist you with that, the recorded size of the parish is approximately 430 square kilometres.

The capital of this parish is Lucea, and the parish is located on the northwestern end of the island.

That simply means that it falls into the county of Cornwall with other parishes such as Saint Elizabeth, Saint James, Trelawny, and Westmoreland.

It is bordered by Westmoreland on the south side and St. James on the east side.

Here is another big trivia question for you...

Which of our national heroes was born in this parish....?

You guessed correctly again, The Right Excellent Sir Alexander Bustamante.

I must applaud you, because you really do know your Jamaican parish history.

On the note of history let me add to your already wide knowledge of the history of this parish.

Sir Alexander Bustamante

Brief History

This parish was first established in the year 1723 on November 12.

It got its name from the British monarch, George the first, who was from the "House of Hanover" in Germany.

Its capital, Lucea, was considered to be even more busier than Montego Bay at the time and it was known for its sugar production.

The parish saw Jewish settlers from Europe occupying titles such as merchants, store keepers, shoe makers etc. This made the town become a free port.

Demography And Geography of Hanover

When we are calculating the location of this parish we use the town center, or capital, Lucea as the focal point. Lucea is located at latitude 18º25'N and longitude 78º08'W. The parish is very mountainous and has a lot of coves and bays.

Ships at sea uses the Dolphin Head as a landmark, which is the highest point in the parish.

There is a fully functioning clock tower smacked right in the middle of the town. This clock was installed in 1817. I am sure most of you don't even have wall clocks lasting three (3) months.

Based on a 1999 survey it was recorded that an approximate 67,176 people resided in the parish, of which 5,739 of them lived in Lucea. Since then not much has changed because a more recent survey, in 2001, recorded a population of approximately 68,000. That is just an additional 800 residents (824 to be exact).

The only river officially recorded in the parish is known as The Great River.

This parish is not recognized as one of the island's major tourist areas, however, it has a few tourist attractions such as Grand Palladium Resort and Spa, and a little tourist resort in an area of the parish called Hopewell.

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I hope you learned a lot more about the parish than you already knew. Spread the word so that more people may be informed about our little island in the sun!

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