The Six National Symbols of Jamaica

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There are six (6) national symbols of Jamaica that are representatives of our rich, vibrant history and culture.

These symbols define us as a people and a nation.

We as Jamaicans are proud of where we are coming from and where we are aiming to be in the future.

Now, symbols are used to explain a certain set of principles, rules, preferences and as for the flag, identification.

So it has nothing to do with just randomly choosing objects without having any underlying meaning.

The six symbols of Jamaica ALL have individual meanings and as such I am very excited to give some insights as to what these meanings are and why they were chosen as symbols in the first place.

These six symbols are:

1. The Jamaican National Bird

jamaican doctor bird

The Jamaican national bird is called the doctor bird. It is an outstanding bird. It is one of 320 species of hummingbirds and the most unique. The scientific name for the doctor bird is "Trochihlus Polytmus." It may also be called the "swallow-tail hummingbird", "streamer-tail", "scissors-tail", or "swallow-streamer." <continue reading>

2. The Jamaican Coat Of Arms

jamaican coat of arms

The Jamaican Coat of Arms has a male and female member who are said to be of the Taino tribe(Jamaica's first inhabitants). It also has a shield, five golden pineapples, a Royal Helmet and Mantlings, and a crocodile. <continue reading>

3. The National Fruit of Jamaica

national fruit of jamaica ackee

The National Fruit of Jamaica is the Ackee. Although the ackee is not indigenous to Jamaica, it has remarkable historic associations. Originally, it was imported to the island from West Africa, probably on a slave ship. Now it grows here luxuriantly, producing large quantities of edible fruit each year. <continue reading>

4. The National Flag of Jamaica

The National Flag of Jamaica

The Jamaica National Flag was first raised on Independence Day, August 6, 1962. It signifies the birth of our nation. The Flag brings to mind memories of past achievements and gives inspiration towards further success. <continue reading>

5. The National Jamaica Flower

Jamaica National Flower

The National Jamaica Flower is called the Lignum Vitae and it is one of the six (6) national symbols of Jamaica. Its scientific name is Guiacum Officinale. Some people often make the mistake and call it the national tree, but it is the national flower and not the national tree. The national tree of Jamaica is indeed the Blue Mahoe, so remember the difference. <continue reading>

6. The Jamaica National Tree

The National Tree of Jamaica

The Jamaica National Tree is known as the Blue Mahoe, or for those interested in the scientific name, it is called the Hibiscus Elatus. The Blue Mahoe is the national tree of Jamaica and is not to be mistaken for the national flower of Jamaica which is called the Lignum Vitae. <continue reading>

All six national symbols of Jamaica reflects truly why I am Jamaican and why I am proud and love to be Jamaican.

I do hope after reading the information on each symbol that you get a better understanding of why they were chosen to represent us as Jamaicans.


Top of National Symbols of Jamaica

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