Virtual Map of Jamaica

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There are numerous map of Jamaica types to choose from but this particular map is courtesy of Google Maps.

It is an interactive map that you can use to locate a number of places, streets, parishes and other destinations.

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How To Use This Map

This map of Jamaica is very simple to use. The first thing you can do is to view a larger map or just use as is.

You can place your mouse over the image and hold down the regular mouse key and drag the image into whatever position you want it to be. The alternative is to use the arrows on the upper left hand corner of the image to either move the map left, right, up, or down.

Use the plus (+) and minus (-) signs below the arrows to magnify or zoom in and out of the image and then locate where ever it is you are looking for by using the arrows again or the drag and pull method.

An alternative to getting a smaller or larger zoom is to use the scroll ball in the middle of your mouse.

Note thought at this can only be done if you select the "view larger map" option.

Roll the ball forward or up to enlarge the map and roll it backward or down to zoom out of the map.

The technique that I use though is double click method. That this is is simply using the regular mouse click and double click on the image in the are that you would love to magnify. This gives me a more accurate zoom and then I do not have to move the map too far to get back to my desired location.

Notice the upper right hand corner of the map?

The four buttons represent four different types of maps. Clicking on each of them will result in the map that you would love to use.

Try it now.

Use this map in anyway that you would like. It is virtually hands-on and very helpful.

Top of Map of Jamaica

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