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Jamaica Website About MeChilling on the ocean

Hey there my valued visitor/family/friend/researcher, whatever category you may feel pleased putting yourself in. I just want to take a little time out to put myself out there a bit more so that you can have an idea as to who is behind this wonderful informative site you have found.

My name is Ricardo Henry and I am known by many as Ricky Ricardo or Ricky Reds :-) so feel free to address me as either names when you contact me at any time with your questions, comments, or reviews... Oh I forgot, they also call me Ricky...that name works for a lot of people too.

I was born and raised in Kingston Jamaica - the capital city. I grew up in an area known as Greenwich Town, Kingston 13 and now I am residing in the Harbour View, Kingston 17 area. I have been a Jamaican native and resident for over 39 years now and have had a number of experiences with as much things Jamaican as I can remember. From beaches, food, hotels, music, you name it.

I am a lover of music and I love to visit new, historical places in and around Jamaica for both pleasure and education as well as to capture as many sides of Jamaica as possible to share with you, my friends, through this medium that I have grown to enjoy doing since 2012.

I am a husband and a father of and to many (not only my biological children :-)). I love to assist my peers as well as youths who are in the process of trying to find themselves as they transition from childhood to adulthood. So I am what you may call a counselor in my own right (though I have no registered qualifications in this area).

I am an Accountant by profession (that I am qualified to do :-)) and I love EVERYTHING that is technologically driven because I am of the realization that the world is becoming more and more connected through mediums we never would have even imagined a couple seconds ago (just to emphasize the rapid change in technology as time goes by).

My love for technology has led me to learn and develop my skillsets to include Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding, SEO and other Digital Marketing strategies. Feel free to contact me in this other capacity and let me assist you with your online presence and anything relating to your personal or business plans. You can find me anywhere on social media at Ricardo Henry Design.

Jamaica Website About Me 2Enjoying the View

Well that pretty much sums up my "average" details and I would just love to let you know that I am on the verge of living that life I was intended to live with the freedom to do what I want to do, when I want to do, thanks to the great innovation and creation of the BEST online "one-stop shop" program on the internet known as SBI...

SBI is short for Solo Build It! , and recently upgraded its name to Solo Build It!, and it is because of Ken Evoy's (the CEO) creative genius that I am able to share Jamaica through this medium with you... It takes you by the hand and guides you from idea to actuality in as little or as much time as YOU put into the program.

I could sit and go on and on about this program for hours but I am aware that this "About Me" page would not be the best place for that. I will have a page set up just for that purpose soon...so look out for that.

So again, I thank you for stopping by to even read and find out more about me and who is behind this website and I would love for you to browse around and share any info you would love to share with the world or myself by liking and sharing the pages you have an interest in.

Happy browsing and keep in touch so when you decide to visit Jamaica (for first timers) or return for a visit, we could meet up and have a personal chat about your plans and I could make some recommendations as to where to go and what to do in and around the areas you are planning on visiting.

Be sure to check out the facts about Jamaica page and the Jamaican Cuisine and Recipe pages, I assure you, you will love them...

Ricardo Henry
Publisher and Author of


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