Jamaicas Political Parties
The PNP, JLP and NDM

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Jamaicas Political Parties - There are a few political parties in Jamaica but only TWO dominant ones.

I say dominant because they are the only two political parties that have contested and won seats in the House of Representatives.

These two parties are namely the People's National Party (PNP) and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

These parties were founded in the years 1938, by Norman Manley, and 1943, by Alexander Bustamante, respectively.

There is a third political party named the National Democratic Movement (NDM) which was founded in November 1995 by Bruce Golding.

This party is present, alive and running but is not really a threatening force when it comes to general elections.

Bruce Golding is no longer the Leader of this political party.

Here are some additional information about Jamaicas Political Parties.

Jamaicas Political Parties Explained

The People's National Party - PNP

The People's National Party Logo

The Peoples National Party, commonly just referred to as the PNP, was founded by Norman Washington Manley in 1938. Since its inception, the party as maintained a continuous agitation for constitutional reform. The PNP is consistent in supporting the internal self-government for Jamaica and dominion status within the Commonwealth.

The People's National Party uses the hatted head, the rising sun, the fist, the trumpet and the colours orange, red and yellow as its electoral symbols.

The 1944 elections saw the PNP becoming the official Opposition in the House of Representatives losing to the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) who won control of 24 seats. <continue reading>

The Jamaica Labour Party - JLP

The Jamaica Labour Party Logo

The Jamaica Labour Party, commonly just referred to as the JLP, was founded on July 8, 1943 by Sir Alexander Bustamante. They use the Liberty Bell, the victory sign and the colour green as their electoral symbols.

Under the new Constitution in December 1944 the JLP contested in the general elections and came out victors as it won 24 seats in the House of Representatives.  <continue reading>

The National Democratic Movement - NDM

National Democratic Movement  Logo

The National Democratic Movement (NDM) came about from a split in the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). This party was established in November 1995 by the former Chairman of the JLP, Bruce Golding.

Here is a copy of the NDM's Mission Statement

The Movement is committed, through political organization and leadership, to the creation and preservation of a just, peaceful, prosperous and efficient society in which every citizen of Jamaica will be able to achieve his or her full potential with due care and regard for the rights of others.

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