The Most Honourable Donald Sangster - Jamaica's Second Prime Minister

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Donald Sangster was born on October 26, 1911, in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica to parents W. B. Sangster and his wife Cassandra. His full name at birth was Donald Burns Sangster.

Sangster attended Munro College during the period 1921 to 1929, where he excelled in both academics and sports. He participated in such activities as cricket, athletics, boxing, and gymnastics. He was a well-rounded guy.

Sir Donald was a serious, hardworking man and also every bit of a gentleman. He was much loved, much admired, and widely respected.

Immediately after leaving school, Donald entered into legal Apprenticeship to be a Solicitor. He was later admitted to practice in Jamaica in 1937.

He was a member of numerous boards and committees representing the interests of Farmers, Boy Scouts, Educators and Sportsmen. He also attended several international conferences on behalf of the Government. These were in countries such as New Zealand, England, Canada, and Barbados.

Jamaican Prime Minister Donald Sangster

Donald Sangster was a great social servant and good steward of financial resources. He was a particularly loyal supporter of Sir Alexander Bustamante and a faithful Deputy Leader in the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), from 1949 to 1967. He served as Prime Minister of Jamaica during the period Feb. 22, 1967 to April 11, 1967.

He was the only Prime Minister to serve such a short term and this was because of his sudden illness.

Donald became involved in politics when he was 21 years old and he served with dedication until sudden illness and death, thirty years later. He died on April 11, 1967 at the age of 51.

He was never married and he never had any children.

He was awarded with Jamaica's second highest honour post humously - The Order of Nation. So that is why he is today referred to as The Most Honourable Sir Donald Burns Sangster, ON, KCVO.

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