How To Apply For A Jamaican Passport - Follow The Guide...

Applying for a Jamaican Passport is simple and easy.

There is a certain step-by-step process that can be followed for a smooth and efficient turn around application completion.

Note though that you have to be a Jamaican citizen to be eligible for a Jamaican Passport.

So it is VERY important that persons claiming Jamaican Citizenship by Descent MUST have their claim established BEFORE submitting the application for a passport.

As such, the documents required in such case would be:

  • Applicant's Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Parent's Jamaican Citizenship &
  • Two certified passport photographs

To get this all sorted out, please visit the The Citizenship Unit, which is located at the 1st Floor, Immigration Citizenship and Passport Division, 25 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10

Continuing, if you do not know what a passport is then a simple definition would be...

a secure travel document that is often used to show proof of identity as well as citizenship.

There you have it, the simplest of definitions.

Now a passport is also used for international travel and therefore MUST meet the standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

When applying for a Jamaican passport, you must follow the guidelines outlined by the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA). This agency governs the Jamaican Passport process and issuing!

Jamaican Passport Over The YearsJamaican Passport Over The Years

So, in order to apply for a passport you should ensure that you fulfill the following requirements:

a. Submit a complete application form accompanied by two passport-sized photographs.

Get a copy of the application form here...

These application forms can be picked up from a number of locations. You can get these forms from the offices at 25c Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10; Overton Plaza Montego Bay and at Immigration Offices at Police Headquarters island wide. They are also available at the Portmore and May Pen Tax Collectorate or from the PICA website at

b. You should ensure that AT LEAST ONE of the photographs and the application form are certified by persons authorized to do so. (If you should have a problem knowing who these persons are, just check the back of the application forms, there is a list there).

c. Ensure that the application form and photographs you are submitting are valid. The certified forms and photos are valid for up to SIX MONTHS after the date of certification.

d. On the day of the application you are required to pay the  required fees. As at the time of posting this, the fees are J$4,500 for adult application and J$2,700 for children.

e. There are some supporting documents that you will need to take along with your application. These include identification, marriage and birth certificates. Note though that these should not be laminated or photocopied, only originals are accepted.

Some Additional Application Process Info

First-time applicants MUST appear in person and take a valid ID with them when making the application and they would go to either the head office at 25c Constant Spring Road, Overton Plaza Montego Bay or to an Immigration Officer stationed at the Police Headquarters in each parish.

When renewing a passport, the old/expired passport MUST be submitted along with the application form and the birth certificate and photographs. A passport may be renewed if it  has expired, if there are no more pages for visas or if the holder has changed his or her name.

Jamaican Caricom PassportJamaican Caricom Passport

Applying for a Jamaican Passport from Oversees

This process is similar to that as applying locally. The application form may be obtained online from or from the nearest Jamaican Consulate, Embassy or High Commission office in different regions.

Passports SHOULD NOT be sent to Jamaica with any relatives or friends for renewals. Renewal applications must submit the completed application form to the nearest Mission, the form is then send to Jamaica for processing. After the process has been completed, the passport is then sent to the consulate office from which the application was made.

How To Collect Jamaican Passports

Passports are issued on the date stipulated on the receipt. If you are collecting your passport in person, all you need is the receipt. If you are collecting on behalf of someone you will need a letter signed by the applicant, the receipt as well as your I.D.

Oversees applicants can collect their passports at the Mission Office.

Checklist of Required Documents for Jamaican Passport Application

First Time Application (Adult)

  • Birth Certificate/Certificate of Citizenship/Adoption Certificate
  • Valid photo identification
    Certified Application form
  • Two colour photographs (only ONE must be certified)
  • Marriage Certificate (For women using a married name)
  • Fee of J$4,500 (oversees applicants: US$85)

Renewal Application (Adult)

  • Birth Certificate/Certificate of Citizenship/Adoption Certificate
  • Current Passport
  • Certified Application form
  • Two colour photographs (only ONE must be certified)
  • Marriage Certificate (For women using a married name)
  • Fee of J$4,500 (oversees applicants: US$85)

Application AFTER a Deed Poll Name Change

  • Birth Certificate/Certificate of Citizenship/Adoption Certificate
  • Valid photo identification
  • Certified Application form
  • Two colour photographs (only ONE must be certified)
  • Current Passport (if renewing)
  • Deed Poll
  • Fee of J$4,500 (oversees applicants: US$85)

First Time Application (Minor)

  • Birth Certificate/Certificate of Citizenship/Adoption Certificate
  • Certified Application form
  • Section C and E must be completed and signed by parent/legal guardian
  • Two colour photographs (only ONE must be certified)
  • Parent's ID
  • Fee of J$2,700 (oversees applicants: US$55)

For further or any additional information about the Jamaican Passport Application Process, please contact the offices at:

Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA)

25 Constant Spring Road
Kingston 10,
Tel: (876) 908-0142


Overton Plaza,
49 Union Street,
Montego Bay,
St. James,
Tel: (876) 952-5380-1


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