The Kingston Parish Church -
Also Known As Parish Church of St Thomas the Apostle

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The Kingston Parish Church was erected around the year 1911 on the foundations of the original church and is an attractive building.

This church is also known as “Parish Church of St Thomas the Apostle”.

The present structure (with the exception of the tower) is similar in design to the original building, which was destroyed in the devastating earthquake of 1907.

The church is located at the corner of King Street and South Parade, Downtown Kingston.

The clock tower was added after World War 1 in memory of those who had died in the war. It is said that this clock tower gave rise to the saying that describes true Kingstonians as being ‘born under the clock’, that is, those born within site of the Church’s clock tower.

There are a number of significant monuments found in the church. Among these interesting monuments are those to Admiral John Benbow, who was an English naval officer based at Port Royal in 1702; and John Wolmer, a wealthy Kingston goldsmith who left money in his will to found a school.

Kingston Parish Church Downtown JamaicaParish Church Downtown Jamaica

In the 17th century its parishioners were largely free blacks and free coloureds ­ many of whom would stay in church all day so as to ensure their participation in morning and evening services.

As a result of its location, the church has borne witness to many of the island's historic events.

The Parish Church’s altar is adorned with gifts from many Jamaican families who have lived and served the church in the past. One such gift is the statue of St. Mary, which was a gift from the Chinese community.

Another gift is the statue of St. Thomas, which was a gift from the Syrian community.

If you should take a visit to downtown Kingston at anytime during the year, don't matter the season, make it your point of duty or add it as part of your to-do list to visit the Kingston Parish Church.

You will get an appreciation of the history behind the church as well as see creative and imaginative artworks from the early years.

Kingston Parish Church JamaicaParish Church Kingston Jamaica

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