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Having a map of Kingston Jamaica is essential in learning about the places you want to visit and how to get there if you intend on visiting the Capital of Jamaica.

If you are interested in visiting the nation's capital, being familiar with the roads and names of the roads will be really helpful. This is because Kingston is usually extremely busy and you can get easily lost if you do not know where you want to go and how you can reach your destination.

Most tourists are familiar with the resort areas of Ocho Rios, Negril, Portland and Montego Bay and quite frankly citizens are more likely to offer some assistance in those areas when you arrive here. Kingston, however, is much different from those areas and you WILL need a map of a friend to help you navigate the areas within the Capital.

We are now living in the digital age so GOOGLE maps makes it easier for you to get directions and find places you need to get to. So just in case you are reading this information, you would have had a detailed, interactive map of Kingston Jamaica to assist you so you can get a bird's eye view of the area then you can zoom in and out to help you visualize landmarks and other places in and around the area you intend to get to.

There area a lot of major and minor roads in Kingston and most often you will find roads that are ONE WAY so you if you are driving you may need to be away of that as well so as not to end up in any traffic accidents. 

The capital of Jamaica is divided into two main parts: Downtown Kingston and New Kingston Jamaica.

Below is an overview map of Kingston Jamaica, The capital city. It will be hard to view the places properly but it is just to outline the areas within Kingston.

Interactive Map of Kingston Jamaica

Below you will see the Google-powered Detailed map of Jamaica's Capital. We all know how to use this map, but just in case you don't just click on the plus (+) sign to zoom in and the minus (-) to zoom out. Hold and move your mouse to shift to specific locations after zooming. However, if you are on a mobile just use your thumb and index finger to zoom in and out as required.

If you are old school and need a physical map, you can visit your nearest book store or gas/service station and ask if they still stock physical maps of Jamaica and use it to navigate your way around Kingston.

Downtown Kingston is where most visitors visit when coming to Kingston. Below is a map just showing some of the areas in and around the area. You can use it along with the Interactive map to navigate downtown Kingston Jamaica. 

Kingston has a lot of hotels and restaurants and some of the best night life entertainments around. So you may be staying in an hotel in the New Kingston area mostly and then you can navigate your way around Kingston from your hotel and the more you move around the more familiar you will get with the place. Remember though that a lot of the roads are ONE WAY, so please be careful :).

You can print any of the maps from this site or just visit the site and use the interactive map of Kingston Jamaica while on the move.

Have fun in Kingston Jamaica...

Let me know how your visit was and where you went in the comments below.

Top of Map of Kingston Jamaica

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