The Order of National Hero -
Who Wears It and Why!

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The Order of National Hero

The Order of National Hero was established in the year 1969. It is the highest of all the six Jamaican Awards and Honours

It may only be conferred (granted) on any Jamaican or naturalized citizen who has rendered (provided) the most distinguished service to Jamaica.

The recipient(s) of this award is styled or dubbed with the title 'The Right Excellent' and he or she wears the insignia of the Order.

Note: An insignia is a badge or symbol showing a person's rank, position, or membership of an organization.

The motto of the Order is engraved on the badge. It reads...

'He Built A City Which Hath Foundations'.

Description of The Insignia

The Order's insignia consists of a gold and white fourteen point enamelled star. The center of this star shows the heraldic Coat of Arms of Jamaica in gold on a black enamelled medallion.

This is surrounded by the motto of the Order in gold lettering on green enamel.

The collar badge is suspended from a black, gold and green neck 'riband' (ribbon) by a gold and green enamelled laurel wreath.

Jamaicans Who Have Received The Order of National Hero So Far:

As stated, this award comes with the title, "The Right Excellent" and the only persons to receive this award so far are our seven (7) National Heroes:

So remember that this award is the highest of ALL the awards and it is not likely that a lot of Jamaican people will be granted the honour of wearing this insignia.

To those 'Right Excellent' outstanding Jamaicans, you truly deserved This Order of National Hero!!!

Source: Directory of the Orders of the Jamaican Societies of Honour
              Jamaica Information Service

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